Jan 22 2011

LHT January 2011 Hike

The new year brought in the first hike for the year; a short hike but non the less a great one night stay along the beautiful Laurel Highlands Trail.  The trek finally brought along some outdoor enthusiasts that prior to this hike always had a scheduling conflict; glad you could make it this time Brantley.  In addition a green horn made the trip along; as far as I know it was Matt’s first trekking adventure.  Great time with temps in the teens as I can best remember and a beautiful overnight snow fall that brought in around 3 to 4 inches; maybe more but who measured.  Looking forward to the next trek; Im thinking the Loyalsock Trail for a future trip or even the Terrace Mountain Trail along Lake Raystown.  Of course there is always Seek the Peak in late July for anyone interested in joining CTA for that trek.  www.seekthepeak.org for more information.