Jan 6 2011

TekCharge Product Review

Im not unlike a number of hikers out there that also like to take their technology with them on hikes; especially for emergency situations it would be nice to know you could utilize a cell phone with a good battery charge. Admittedly I know signal coverage can be an issue but none the less I still like to have my technology with while Im in the great outdoors. So with a recomendation from Sherpa (www.featheredprop.com) and a kind gesture of ordering me one at the same time he ordered his mobile charging device and now I have the TekCharge mobile power & charger by Tekkeon.

The unit, about the size of a wallet; takes 4 AA batteries and states it will provide a charge to my phone (Droid Incredible). As pictured when I removed it from the box ordered on Amazon for under $20. The first test will be completed with a Droid Incredible on a overnight hiking trip.

Rating: 9/10

This unit worked extremely well; it provided a full charge for both a Droid Incredible and a Droid Eris during a weekend hiking trip.  Used almost all the power of the 4 AA batteries per charge but when your on a remote trail in the outdoors packing along a couple of extra batteries is not an issue to keep your technology devices running strong.  Finding signal was the issue but most peaks there was at least a bar or two of signal to provide use of the phones if needed in emergency situations and to send out the standard SMS text messages.  A nice complement to this charger is obtaining some rechargeable batteries!