Jan 10 2012

LHHT January 2012

Ventured out on the LHHT for an overnight winter hike with the usual crew: Sherpa, Legs, Ring Tone, Father Time and a new addition Sundance.  Thanks to Sherpa and Legs for having the shelters all ready to go by the time the rest of us arrived at the TurnPike shelters for the overnight stay – they arrived early and graciously had a fire awaiting our arrival.  A beautiful night with a clear and near full moon nearly eliminating the need for a headlamp on the hike into the shelters.  Morning arrived with an awesome sunrise and a great day of hiking ahead of the group along the LHHT on an atypical January winter day.   The entire timing of the trip was set around the supposed official opening of the turnpike bridge, however that as we found out was delayed by some measure of weeks.   Not letting that stopping us we went on as planned with boots on the ground intel provided by our ultra marathon runner with some real time imagery exhibiting a fully open and cross-able bridge.  So we carried on with our plans to stay the night at the turnpike bridge and hike south the following day finishing up at RT 31.  Video included on the CatchTech Adventures youtube page.


Mar 11 2011

Laurel Highlands Trail Turnpike Bridge

The Somerset Daily American has recently reported that new bridge spanning the PA Turnpike will be finished this year.  The bridge that had oringinally been constructed in 1970 was removed in 2010 due to structural integrity.  The bidding process opened March 10th which should signal that construction should be in the near future.  Upon reviewing all the bids the Design constructions officials will award the contract with the apparently intentions of having the newly constructed bridge finished this calendar year.

Notable differences that equestrians and mountain bikers will certainly welcome is a wider bridge.  What did I mention equestrians, bikes, apparently this down time allowed park officials to revisit the other potential uses of the bridge and utilizing the additional multi use trails offered by DCNR.  The LHHT will remain hikers only (sure runners too!)

Certainly great news for hikers/mountain bikers/snowmobiles/and equestrians alike!  Thanks for all the hard work to those in DCNR and associated agencies to make this possible.

Who will be the first one to cross the new bridge?

Jan 22 2011

LHT January 2011 Hike

The new year brought in the first hike for the year; a short hike but non the less a great one night stay along the beautiful Laurel Highlands Trail.  The trek finally brought along some outdoor enthusiasts that prior to this hike always had a scheduling conflict; glad you could make it this time Brantley.  In addition a green horn made the trip along; as far as I know it was Matt’s first trekking adventure.  Great time with temps in the teens as I can best remember and a beautiful overnight snow fall that brought in around 3 to 4 inches; maybe more but who measured.  Looking forward to the next trek; Im thinking the Loyalsock Trail for a future trip or even the Terrace Mountain Trail along Lake Raystown.  Of course there is always Seek the Peak in late July for anyone interested in joining CTA for that trek.  www.seekthepeak.org for more information.

Jan 6 2011

TekCharge Product Review

Im not unlike a number of hikers out there that also like to take their technology with them on hikes; especially for emergency situations it would be nice to know you could utilize a cell phone with a good battery charge. Admittedly I know signal coverage can be an issue but none the less I still like to have my technology with while Im in the great outdoors. So with a recomendation from Sherpa (www.featheredprop.com) and a kind gesture of ordering me one at the same time he ordered his mobile charging device and now I have the TekCharge mobile power & charger by Tekkeon.

The unit, about the size of a wallet; takes 4 AA batteries and states it will provide a charge to my phone (Droid Incredible). As pictured when I removed it from the box ordered on Amazon for under $20. The first test will be completed with a Droid Incredible on a overnight hiking trip.

Rating: 9/10

This unit worked extremely well; it provided a full charge for both a Droid Incredible and a Droid Eris during a weekend hiking trip.  Used almost all the power of the 4 AA batteries per charge but when your on a remote trail in the outdoors packing along a couple of extra batteries is not an issue to keep your technology devices running strong.  Finding signal was the issue but most peaks there was at least a bar or two of signal to provide use of the phones if needed in emergency situations and to send out the standard SMS text messages.  A nice complement to this charger is obtaining some rechargeable batteries!