Nov 14 2008

‘08 Erie Trip: Blog Entry 5

The fall 2008 Erie CatchTech Adventure concludes with an entry from Crooked and Raccoon Creek along the PA Lake Erie shoreline.  A very joyful and productive trip with varing weather from snow and temps in the 30’s to sunny and temps in the 60’s.  Typcial western Pennsylvania weather.  Some final pics to enjoy.

Erie trib conditions (Elk, Crooked, Raccoon): Water level up with the snow melting; visibility a little froggy with some areas still clear.  Temps on Friday in the 60’s.  Catch today included two steelhead and one keeper.

Crooked Creek  Squirrel  Steelhead Catch of the Day  Mazza Winery Oak Wine Barrel

Nov 12 2008

‘08 Erie Trip: Blog Entry 4

Elk Creek

The fall ’08 Erie Steehead fishing journey continues; greatful to catch one nice steelie today.  Water levels a little higher today with the snow run off making its way to the tribs.  Water clearity at a greener color; not as clear as the past two days.  Temps in the 50’s today and calm.  Tomorrow and the rest of the week slated to be a little breezy but with warmer temps.  Enjoying God’s Awesome creation along the tribs of Lake Erie.  Enjoy some pics from the days adventures up and down Elk Creek.

Elk Creek Water Level Pic   Steelie

Nov 11 2008

‘08 Erie Trip: Blog Entry 3

Veterans Day 2008

Catch Tech Adventures salutes all United States service men and women on this Veterans Day November 11th 2008.  We thank each and every one of you for your service and your sacrifice to protect the freedoms of the greatest nation in the land.  Thank You.  A special salute to my life long friend Adam, Naval Pilot serving in the gulf and his wonderful wife Becky, Naval Flight Officer also currently serving our country at sea.  Heres to you my friend…I feel the need the need for speed…..

Erie Trib conditions remain the same today; water levels moderate and clear.  More of the same with light and small presentations with minnows climbing a notch to the bait of choice today.  Temps were in the mid to upper 30s today with forecasted temps to climb to the lower 50s over the next few days with a chance of rain.

God Bless America.

Nov 10 2008

‘08 Erie Trip: Blog Entry 2


Erie Steelhead


’08 Erie Trip Blog entry number 2.  Another day along the tribs of Lake Erie fishing the fall steelhead run; another awesome day in the outdoors with 2-3 inches of snow fall during the day to make the conditions great for fishing.  Conditions: Water level fair to moderate, temps in the low 30’s with snow fall throughout the day.  Tribs continue to have good runs of steelhead with fresh fish at least as far as RT 5.  Once again light and small presentations are the key with white sucker spawns the ticket for today.  Minnows once again appeared to also be a favorite.  Pictured above: a registered 12.5 lb, 18 inch girth, 32 inch buck taken from Elk Creek near RT. 5 on a black whooly bugger.  All glory to God!


Erie Steelhead  Lake Erie  Elk Creek - Erie PA  Elk Creek - Erie PA  

Nov 9 2008

’08 Erie Trip: Blog Entry 1


The Fall Steelhead run is Game on; The initial blog as such for the ’08 season.  Temps in the 40s and snow in the forecast.  Water level fair to moderate with high numbers of fish in the creeks.  Lost 2 today with the 4lb test line snapping on both occasions.  Light and small presentation is once again the norm for any potential of catching a steelhead.  More to come.

Elk Creek - Erie PA Elk Creek

Apr 12 2008

Trout Season ’08

The begining of the 2008 PA trout season began today; a great day weather wise given the past history of conditions on the opening of trout season. Got 10 (catch ‘n release) at Stoneycreek; 6 on a yellow rooster tail and 4 with the fly rod using a green wooly bugger. Pic below.