Nov 9 2008

Trapping Season ’08

Released him but not before I got a pic.


Sep 22 2008

Trapping Season Prep

Getting ready for the upcoming trapping season we boiled all our old and new traps in preparation to dye them.  Just as Nehemiah prepared by faithfully praying to God after the threats that there would be trouble in Nehemiah 4:8-9 They all plotted together to come and fight against Jerusalem and stir up trouble against it. But we prayed to our God and posted a guard day and night to meet this threat. (NIV)

traps1.jpg  traps2.jpg

Feb 20 2008

Catch Tech Results

Below is a pic of the fur after Bryce processed his most recent trap catch from LHC. This was a 25 lb beaver harvested from on a foot hold drown set.

robbryce_beaverfur.JPG bryce_fur.JPG

Feb 8 2008

Trap Set – At the Stoney again

Set a coni at Stoney; the same location as before. Additionally set some coyote traps after seeing four during this past archery and the number of tracks around the area. Some pics below:

Coni Foot Hold Foot Hold Covered

Feb 3 2008

Stoney Trap Check – no activity

Beautiful crisp, calm, clear winter morning in the Laurel Highlands; what a spectacular morning to be checking traps. No activity on the set but did once again for the second day in a row came across multiple sets of coyote tracks at the edge of the field. Took some pictures:

coyotejeep.JPG coyotesmall1.JPG

Feb 2 2008

Stoney Trap check: no activity

Checked the one conibear that is set at Stoney; no activity in fact the water level increased and then froze overnight, completely freezing overtop of the trap. Broke up the ice and refreshed the set. Next check tomorrow. Did see coyote tracks walking across the field and came across a large number of turkey tracks; all fresh with the previous evening snow fall. The pics below attempt to show those:

coyotesmall.JPG ttsmal2l.JPG ttsmall.JPG

Feb 1 2008

Trap Set – At the Stoney

Set one conibear trap behind my stand; not too much sign of Beavers around but did find some fresh slides and some small wood chews.

Conibear Pic:

Conibear Trap Set in Stoney img_0077.JPGimg_0089.JPGimg_0081.JPG

Jan 31 2008

Trap Check – ACTIVITY

Checked traps Wednesday; first the creek was very high due to the recent rain and melting of the 3+ thick ice that had been across the area. Had a tough time finding the foot hold trap I had set. Single Digit Temps.

Picture with the 39 lb Beaver just after pulling the trap:

Beaver Beaver

Jan 29 2008

Trap Check – no activity

Again checked the traps at Countryman Bridge; no activity did refresh all bait sets and pulled up the one foot hold set as it must have slid down the bank over the night.
Pictures of the conibear trap setup and of one of the trees the Beaver colony had taken down:

Conibear Trap Big Tree